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We Build and Manage Cloud-Based Data  Solutions with Data Analytics Visualizations & Dashboards for Government Clients


Seeking Fast, Adaptive & Responsive
Federal Government Services
Through Real-Time Mission Actionable Insights

Blended Public & Private Sector Expertise


Cloud-Based Data Tools


And more...

How does FrostByte work?
We successfully blend delivery expertise in Federal public sector cloud-based data management, security, & DataOps - with expertise in private sector data analytics, insights, speed, & dashboards


Data Science, Data Engineering, & Data Management Experts

We have talented people...


providing successful leadership experience delivering cloud-based data management, analytics, visualizations, DataOps, and dashboards. We have proven leaders with experience in 25+ public sector programs and 20+ private sector companies.


Cloud-Based Data Platforms Delivering Real-Time Actionable Mission Data

We work with proven cloud tools...


for centralized, secure, modern Data Management. Cloud tools like Snowflake, DatabricksTableau, AWS, Azure, Google and more to help the Federal Government embrace Cloud-Based Data Lakes, & Lakehouses. We deliver real-time mission ready insights.


Consultancy Joint Venture blending Public and Private Sector Best Practices

We are innovating by blending...


best practices from public and private. FrostByte is a Joint Venture between Flamelit (Federal Government & Data Science Expertise) and Datateer (Cloud-Based Data Platform and Analytic Expertise) - bringing public and private expertise together.

What does FrostByte do?
We build and manage cloud-based mission ready data solutions with Data analytics visualizations & dashboards for the Federal Government 

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Mission Ready Analytics

5 large data sources including data from the Federal Drug Administration, 1 algorithm score from billions of data points, and 3 dashboards

Our client was looking for edge case prescription drugs that have begun their research process but have been abandoned. Data was siloed and all over the place, exploring data was manual, slow and in excel. By centralizing data in the cloud, creating mission algorithms, creating dashboards, and automating processes - our client now has better quality insights at the speed of need.

Secure Centralized Cloud Data & Pipeline Management

Our client is supporting the Department of Homeland Security for a national appointment scheduling system and a customer/user profile management system - including identification and biometric data. By providing data engineering, data science expertise, and automated data pipeline management - our client is now able to rapidly provide insights and centralize data sources across multiple government systems.

Automated Data Pipeline Management

DataOps & Data Engineering Support

DHS Example_edited.jpg

5 large data sources, 66 metrics, and 10 dashboards for modern data center & IT Infrastructure management

By automating insights and allowing for real time decisions, we saved our client 15 days a month that used to be spent on manual reporting for large data center management and IT Infrastructure management.

Real-Time Data

Insights Dashboards

Process Automation

User-Friendly Interface

Our Team Received the Department of Homeland Security's
Director's Pinnacle Award

"...superior achievement in providing efficient and accurate immigration benefits and information services"

Our team of experts are committed to excellence in cloud-based data management, data engineering, analytics, dashboards, and DataOps.

“Flamelit [FrostByte JV Member] work has resulted in significant academic and media coverage for [Health Org], including Time Magazine, New England Journal of Medicine, and dozens of local news stories and articles."

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